Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What no one tells you about pregnancy

Most people who have children encourage others to have them as well. Some to the extent that you start wondering what their real motives are. We didn't buckle in to all the pressure, we took our time. However interestingly no one gives you a warning about things to come. Well it's not very motivating if you lay out all the facts. So lets discuss some of these facts.

Scene from a movie, girl vomits hence girl pregnant. In real life you mostly figure out you are pregnant fairly before this stage. In fact I almost yearned to get the nausea. Bad move. I had never felt so sick in life before. Vomitting becomes the order of the day. I could hardly keep my first breakfast down in the first trimester. Oh yeah, that brings another fact out, people say that nausea lasts only one trimester. Well well what do they know.

Another interesting fact, sleep on your stomach while you can. Sleeping on a football later may not be too comfortable. And yes don't let a pregnant woman fool you to believe that she has food cravings all the time. Diet selectivity wise a lot of us are deficient. There are many a times I woke up thinking thats odd why does my hand hurt. Three words describe this - carpal tunnel syndrome. I thought if ever i get this it would be due to my occupation(being in software i.e.). Little did I know that being pregnant would have anything to do with it. Keeping on the subject of hands, I had to part with my rings. You ask why. Well something called oedema, plain jane - they swell up. A lot.

By the way you ask, would i at least sleep peacefully. Oh yes, very calmly. There is only the matter of heart burn. Eat what you may, drink a jug of cold milk, but voila its there. Always there. At least you can master the art of sleeping sitting. I am an optimist.

Sticking to the aforementioned subject of sleep, again I iterate, one sleeps peacefully in chunks of half an hour. There is always the case of evacuating your bladder. I truly discovered how inadequate the capacity of my bladder was during my pregnancy.

That brings us to all the crying. Even the most optimistic bird tends to feel sombre during the fourty weeks. The anxiety and the excitement get to you. Also this being the only fact that most husbands recall from your pregnancy. The only one that kind of affects them, so they bookmark it into their memory for future reference. Go ahead shout at him, he got you into this in the first place.

That brings us to the end of all facts(that i can remember) that are surprising and amusing(mildly). However I cannot end without mentioning that after the baby arrives one wishes they were pregnant indefinitely. Suddenly being a big beach ball is very appealing. Enjoy the waddle walk while it lasts and stay tuned to - what no one tells you about a newborn!


  1. aaaah! it's all so freaky! :) But rewarding I suppose. Or why would anyone do it to themselves! :D

  2. Interesting!!! It really took me back to yesterday ... The funny part is you guys were witnessed those moments and was so curious ...:-) I still remember Rhythm asking me "How can you sleep peacefully as you have to wake up several time in the mid of a deep sleep hearing the baby crying and feeding him every two hours ?Is this having a baby is really necessary ? mmm Smitha ... I am seriously thinking about adopting a three year old kid to avoid all these hassles ..:-) I smiled and gave you an answer ...do you remember what was that ..?But I am sure it was so influential though I have never encouraged you having a baby soon :-) because our cutie pie Adrika was my answer..:-)

  3. could be a recommended post for the population control campaign :)


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