Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pin Cushion

I am a sewing novice and like most people I love to read and take online tutorials and yes, purchase all my supplies even before the first project begins!

I got these most colorful set of pearl head pins!

I wanted to make a simple pin cushion for these. So found some online tutorials and ended up making something that fits the bill.

Here are the supplies:-

Small circular piece of cloth
A small bottle cap
Small piece of ribbon
Needle and thread
Cotton as batting


Using a needle and thread, do a simple running stitch over the circular cloth.

Glue on the ribbon to the sides of the bottle cap.

Pull the thread on the cloth and make a small pouch.

Add cotton batting to this pouch.

Stick this pouch into the bottle cap. Here is a neat little pin cushion.

Happy sewing!

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