Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sleep Sack

I have been a light sleeper but there is such a thing as "mother's sleep". Since the past one year I have been sleeping as if I were in a railway bogie. There was a time when Adrika was a few weeks old when I used to get up randomly in the middle of the night to check if she's breathing! Developing a mother's anxiety is innate and ingrained into our DNA.
Well I no longer get up to check if she's breathing. And yes, I do not think I require psychiatric evaluation! The irony is my babe has been sleeping through the night since she was 8 weeks old. But I still do get up once in a while to check if she's kicked off her blanket. Hehehe, I am crazy I know.
There is a untold law of humankind - The colder the night , the more often your baby will kick off her blanket.
So I sewed up this sleep sack to ensure that she sleeps snug. 

She likes it. She even likes to touch her toes in it!

The cloth is flannel. It has a 16 inch side zipper and velcro straps up front.

Things I learnt during this project -
  • How to make a pattern from existing clothes. I couldn't find any pattern online for a sleep sack with side zipper. I didn't like the ones with the zipper down the front. So I decided to make my own pattern. Turned out great.
  • How to sew a centered zipper. It was fun to use my zipper foot and get this done. 
  • How to do french seams. They give a real neat finish. The inside of my sleep sack looks as pretty as the outside. No raw edges anywhere. 
  • How to properly make bias binding. I have made binding for the quilting project earlier, but I learnt it properly this time, including a nifty little tool I made to iron out the binding. Will share details in a later post on binding. 
  • How to sew a binding around curves.
Here is wishing me a good night sleep!


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