Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chappati Cozy

Ajay takes a lunch box to college. It is healthier and tastes better than the food at their canteen. So chappati is a regular feature in the lunch box and I have been thinking of ways to ensure that it stays kind of warm and soft. Yes, yes,  I know I can just use foil or something, but that just seems so wasteful. In our efforts to be an environmentally conscious family we ditch anything that cant be reused. We don't even own aluminium foil!

So here is the tortilla warmer aka. chappati warmer that fits the bill!

This project used up some of my previous project scraps so I get bonus points!

What is it ?? There are two round pieces of quilted and batted fabric(8 inch diameter) with an inner muslin lining. These are then pieced together at the halfway mark to make a half open envelope using a similar coloured binding.
The original tutorial is here -
This can be used straight away in a microwave and washed for reuse!
Reuse - Reduce - Recycle!

He likes it and says its really professionally done and that I could sell these! Made my day. :)


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