Thursday, July 30, 2015

Red Day

Little doll has recently started pre-school. It's a darling place, they play and paint and get messy a lot! Recently in a bid to teach all about colours to these little one's they celebrated a red day. Everyone had to wear a red dress and get something red for a snack, ergo I sewed her a red dress and baked a beetroot red velvet cake!

A few months ago I got really tempted and bought the Oliver+S Ice cream Dress pattern because of a darling version I saw on the flickr group. 

Here is my rendition -

And here is my model -

My doll with her doll - Heidi

Kisses to Heidi!

Ma, do you want a side profile pose!?

I have had enough! Meltdown!

Thanks to nani for the beautiful red chikan eyelet fabric!



  1. Rhythm ur doll is sooo pretty just like U😊I wish her to learn each day interesting things and to enjoy her Play school.Lots of love.


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