Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crossover Pinafore Dress

I have never touched a sewing machine before in my life.
I see all these cute clothes people make and pin on their boards in pinterest and it has just galvanized me. Time to set the wheels into motion and adopt a new quirk.

First, a big cheer goes out to my mother in law who gave me indispensable first lessons on her awesome sewing machine!

Second, I got this pattern and the tutorial from the below blog, the instructions made the whole project effortless. So a big thank you to Maggie.

Here is my amateur attempt at a reversible pinafore for my little pumpkin.

And here she is, modeling her new "Mommy Made". I am hoping my pint sized wonder would fit into it better in a couple of months.

Hoping I can keep up the enthusiasm!


  1. Love the idea of a reversible dress! This is quite a start already

  2. Awesome Rhythm... Adrika looks so cute in mommy made :-)


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