Monday, January 20, 2014

Wet Bag

We cloth diaper Adrika. Feels good. She likes it better than disposable diapers and we feel good about doing our bit for the planet. We use Flip from Bum Genius -
Pardon the slightly archaic picture of my pumpkin. Its kind of cool here and she wears pants all the time, so haven't clicked any recent ones in her cloth diaper!

Unlike disposables it would be a very expensive affair if one tosses the dirty cloth diapers. One could, but you know what I mean. Hence the whole issue of storage of a soiled diaper. This is where a wet bag comes in handy. A wet bag is a cloth bag with a water proof inner lining (generally made of PUL or shower curtain material). The beauty is one can toss even the bag into the washing machine.

Here is the wet bag I made for 'Mon Cherie'. There is a good possibility that she would be cloth diapered as well. Hope this bag holds through.

The tutorial was straightforward -
I added a handle to make it easy to hang the bag on a door knob or just to carry it. I think it has many applications, can also store other nick-knacks.

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