Monday, March 16, 2015

First Jump Rope Dress

I am taking sewing lessons. Sewing Oliver+S clothes is like the best sewing class ever! This is my first attempt at the Jump Rope Dress pattern. This pattern was marked at a higher difficulty, the collar, and my my the placket! I was quite nervous about it. However, the instructions were a breeze and wherever I got stuck I had this tutorial to help me out. Also the lovely ladies on the Oliver+S discussion forums were really very helpful, thank you!
Here it is -

Next time I would size up a bit. The fit is snug at the top. However I love the silhouette of the dress.

Yes, we have red mud in Belgaum! It's a pain to get it off clothes! Also this location is really special. Its a large grassy meadow(a.k.a. Helicopter training ground (Belgaum is small cantonment town)) right next to a neat meteorite crater! In the monsoons this whole place is a CRAZY shade of green.

And here we are at granny's place stomping on coconut leaves! Also we are now enjoying a bounty of fresh coconuts from granny's tree :). She nurtures this tree with some wholesome home-made compost. The results are great!

Oh, its hard work, need to sit down!

I had great fun learning with this pattern. I hope you like it.



  1. Awesome Rhythm!! How do you find this energy to keep doing innovative things!!


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